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Installation Information

C5 Double Din Install
For installation of a double din radio into a stock 1.5 din C5 Corvette there is some modifications required. You will need to have a modified radio bezel to allow for the new double din radio to fit. Besides the bezel, you will also need to make some modifications to the mounting cage as well.
Along with this there are two tabs at the upper back of the mounting cage that will need to be bent up and out of the way. This will allow for the radio to set at correct angle when installing your new radio. Our bezel with no ash tray you will need to cutout and remove the support bracket that is under the HVAC controls as well.
This is an example picture to show you how the stock radio looks with a modified double din radio bezel. This better explains the need for the double din bezel.
This picture below shows the stock mounting cage with no modifications

This picture below shows the stock cage with both the top and bottom brackets or shelf removed

Next step in the installation process is to get your radio all wired for the install.
You will need to add a harness such as the PAC Audio ROEM-VET1 we recommend with our complete packages to allow you to retain the factory Bose speakers. If you are NOT keeping the factory speakers and using aftermarket amps and speakers then you will simply use a standard GM harness.
These pictures will show you how to wire a PAC Audio ROEM-VET1 harness. We are using a Pioneer x920BT for these pictures. NOTE you can bypass the safety overrides to allow for NAV and DVD features while in motion. We do not offer this service in shop or recommend for safety features. This is something we do not suggest but get asked all the time how to perform. Perform this step at your own risk.


We start with the Roem-Vet1 harness

NEXT we take the section of the harness we are going to wire
and unplug it from the Roem-vet1.
This is just an easier way of working on the wiring.

First thing and this is the most important part of the process.

The BLUE/WHITE from the radio will connect to the BLUE on the Roem-Vet1.

If you connect blue/white to blue/white then your front door speakers will not work or will not sound very good.

Below the next step I did was to connect the yellow from the radio to the yellow in the Roem-Vet1 extension for the red ignition wire on the radio harness needs to be ran to the passenger foot well. (97-03) you can run to passenger foot well to the yellow wire that is taped off. (There is also a black ground and orange wire12v there as well) for an
04 you will need a mini fuse to connect to the fuse box as the 04 does not have these 3 wires to connect to.

Below is a picture of wire installed in foot well
Note: Green wire is an extension of the red accessory wire.

Note: The green wire above is an extension to the red accessory wire as well as the purple one below!

Next step is to connect the speaker wires.

This is a matter of matching color to color.

NOTE the Roem-Vet1 has three wires for each speaker.


For the most part after this your pretty much done. Your wondering about the ground wire. In this install we did the bypass on the x920bt which was moving the one yellow/black wire over one notch in the connector. We then took the yellow/black wire we moved, the parking wire and the black ground all from the radio and connected them to the black ground in the Roem-Vet1. The only other wire you will need to worry about is the dimmer wire to connect the dimmer wire we spliced into the HVCA control harness.

The orange white wire from the radio harness was extended using a left over piece of green and then connected to the cream/yellow colored wire on the far right of the blue side on the HVCA Connector.

After wiring is complete you will then need to get your brackets installed on the radio and ready for the fitting. These pictures below will show you how to use the brackets we supply with our kits.
Your Double Din brackets are simple and easy to help you get the new double din radio into your C5. IN the package you will have a pair of brackets
You will simply take one bracket and mount it to each side like this
After the brackets have been mounted to both sides, you will take the radio and start to position it in the mounting cage. Use self taping screws to create new holes in the front of the cage to mount to the position needed.
Should look like this when you have it in mounting cage.
From here comes the fun part of test fitting the radio positioning to the bezel.
This part I want to stress TAKE YOUR TIME. Do not force anything or you will end up breaking something and this something usually is the bezel. Keep in mind these are custom made parts built to allow for all of this to work out for you.
Pushing on the bezel to move a radio with metal brackets is not going to happen and something will have to give and the bezel will before the radio moves. We will then have to fix your bezel. We stand by all work we do but do not fix repairs for free when installation errors cause damage.
If you run into issues call or email us for support. We will gladly take the time to help you get this fitting correctly. 805-990-6569

Install tips
This is a little complicated not only do you have to position the radio bezel but you will also need to relocate and position the HVAC controls. The HVAC controls will be lower and will need to be spaced out to set flush with the bezel. You can carefully epoxy the HVCA controls to the backside of the bezel by applying it to the corners of the HVCA control. You will then have to reach in from behind to install the HVCA wiring connector.

This should help all of those with questions about installation.
You’re always welcome to call us for installation tech support you can email at on nights and weekends for support.

Thanks for your business