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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is double din and Why do I want it?

Car radio or head unit sizes are expressed in terms of a consumer electronics industry standard known as DIN.  Single DIN size is 2" X 7".  Double DIN size is 4" X 7".  The C5 Corvette was built to accommodate a single DIN head unit.  However, today's state of the art head units, which include on-board GPS navigation, DVD/CD playing, Rear back-up camera, XM/SIRIUS/High Definition Radio, Cell phone voice integration via Bluetooth, and IPOD integration, make Double Din head units very highly desirable.  In fact, most vehicles built today come with double din sized radio now.  For C5 drivers to enjoy the benefits a double din head unit,  a custom conversion process is required. CA Corvette Customs serves as an indispensable provider of products and services required in that process.

2.  How is a double din head unit installed in a C5 Corvette?

The installation of a double din head unit in the C5 is not a mere removal and direct replacement.  It is a custom conversion.  When the Stock head unit and HVAC controls are removed, the steel frame that houses these items is modified to accept a double din radio.  In brief, this involves the removal of a bottom “shelf” and complete rotation of the top “shelf”.  The latter, once rotated, serves as a support for the double din head unit.  This modification in no way erodes the structural integrity of the steel frame.

 3.  I want to purchase your bezel to upgrade my sound system in my C5.  What are my options as far as car audio is concerned?

There are three levels:

A.  STAGE 1:  New head unit with Stock Bose speakers

Approximate Price Range:  $1000 - $1500
Features:  Greater head unit options and features/nominal sound improvement

This configuration is for those with limited budget.  It involves the following items:

  1. Double Din modification
  2. CA Corvette Custome double din bezel
  3. New aftermarket head unit
  4. Integration box to enable new head unit to interface with GM speaker harness
  5. GM Antenna adapter
  6. Head unit brackets for double din radio
  7. Head unit installation


B.   STAGE 2:  New head unit with after market midrange speakers, subwoofer, and power amp.

Approximate Price Range $2500 - $4000  (varies to due differing grades of equipment on the market)
Features:  Greater head unit options & features/Tremendous sound quality improvement

This configuration is a complete removal of the stock head unit and speakers and replacement with after market head unit and speakers.  This is for those who want a system with not only noticeable sound improvement but also one that can get very loud.  This configuration involves:

- Double Din modification
- CA Corvette Customs double din bezel
- New Aftermarket head unit
- GM Antenna Adapter
- Head unit brackets for double din radio
- Replacement of Bose speakers with front component speakers and rear speakers
- Installation of 10” or 12” subwoofer in middle trunk well.
- Installation of one all purpose or two power amps (midrange and bass)

C.   Stage 3:  Stage 2 + Sound Deadening

Approximate Price Range:  $3500 - $5000
Features:  Greater head unit options & features/ Audiophile sound quality/quieter ride when sound system not in use

The C5 is an inherently noisey vehicle (road/tire noise, engine noise, exhaust noise).  To achieve optimal sound quality, the C5 needs to be sound deadened.  This involves the removal of seats, carpeting in both cabin and cargo area, and door panels.  Sound insulating material is then installed