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Custom Audio/Video/Navigation Installation

For those in Southern California, CA Corvette Customers offers high end expert installation of car audio, video, and navigation systems.   We particularly specialize in customized and stealth installs.

Customized installs are those that are far beyond simple removal and replacement of stock audio components.  Custom installs are performed for applications where systems that don’t fit the car are elegantly made to fit… done so well, you would think the new setup came with the car.   As an example, our most popular customization is C5 corvette double din conversion.  Here, the factory entertainment housing is expertly modified to accommodate a double din radio.  (Stock configuration accommodates only a single din radio).  Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on this.

Stealth installs are those where you won’t see wires running across the floor and components (e.g. power amplifiers, Bluetooth units, HD & Satellite Radio receivers) will not be visible from the outside of the vehicle.

Below is our C5 pricelist:


Double Din conversion with standard CA Corvette Customs Double Din Bezel
Double Din conversion with OEM Style CA Corvette Customs Double Din Bezel
1 Subwoofer/2 Power Amps/ front door speakers
Rear bumper mounted camera integrated with headunit

*Double din conversion includes after market head unit installation to factory bose speakers. Integration box to mate factory bose speakers to aftermarket head unit required, $99.95

Our Work:

PDX Amplifier with Sirius satellite interfaces (note: picture below center console not re-installed)

Before Double Din Conversion:

After double din conversion